67% expect US-international relations to improve under Obama

In a poll of 17,000 people in 17 countries for the BBC, 67% said that they expected US relations with the rest of the world to improve under President Obama (even higher than the 47% polled before Nov 4th who expected an improvement if he was elected).

Watch & discuss inauguration live with Avaaz

Our friends at Avaaz, the global online movement for social change, have arranged for a live stream of the inauguration tomorrow, with the opportunity to discuss the event, the issues as Barack Obama becomes the 44th US president.

Event coverage starts at 11am (local time), Tuesday January 20th live from Washington DC - local times include: Rio (2pm), London (4pm), Geneva (5pm), Hong Kong (midnight).

(the map shows the distribution of Avaaz members worldwide)

Meanwhile, Malcolm is back in the US for the third time in six months to blog the inauguration. The BBC has photos of people in Brazil, Kenya, Ireland and Sudan preparing for inauguration celebrations.