Iranian blogger says Obama represents a "paradigm shift" in the US's image

Jahanshah Rashidian, an Iranian now living in Germany, writes: "If Barack Obama were a candidate in Germany, he would be elected as German President, according to a German newspaper, Wiesbadener Kurier. I would also vote for him... The US needs another face, a face less repulsive, less aggressive, and less immoral. For that face, Barack Obama stands for a new hope, more than any other recent President in the US... What makes Obama more attractive is his originality: Obama is more intellectual than to be blind nationalistic, he is more honest than to be a president of Big Companies... His first symbolic message to the world is the end of racial discrimination which has been written in the Constitution but not yet in the collective memory of humanity. His second message is to reduce an increasing negative image of the US in the world. Obama’s era accelerates this paradigm shift.

Obama cannot radically change the established system of immoral capitalism, but he may incite new values for a humanised system like a better welfare, more social justice and more civil rights... I think Obama’s intellectual charisma can contribute to break down any extremist ideology, including Islamism. His humanitarian and intellectual influence can trigger a shake-up of Islamist resistance in the world, including in the Muslim societies. Obama’s era will go beyond religious and racial divisions of people. The divisions created by unwritten constitutions of white societies and the three decades of Islamism, reborn in Iran. The time has come that people look for other criteria to catalogue people, rather than by race or religion."

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