The World Wants... Lincoln

Delving back into history a little, Barack Obama will not be the first President from Illinois to receive international moral support. In 1862 textile workers from Manchester, England, who were suffering economic hardship as a result of the Union blockade on Confederacy ports (from where they sourced cotton), wrote to Abraham Lincoln to nevertheless express their support for him because "the vast progress which you have made in the short space of twenty months fills us with hope that every stain on your freedom will shortly be removed, and that the erasure of that foul blot on civilisation and Christianity - chattel slavery - during your presidency, will cause the name of Abraham Lincoln to be honoured and revered by posterity. We are certain that such a glorious consummation will cement Great Britain and the United States in close and enduring regards." Lincoln wrote back saying that their self-sacrificial support was: "an energetic and re-inspiring assurance of... the ultimate and universal triumph of justice, humanity and freedom."