What was your election night story?

I take it many of you were up all night on the 4th? Please write up your experiences in a comment or on our facebook page.

I was watching the results come in with Iraqi & Lebanese friends in Beirut, and Obama's stirring acceptance speech came in at 7am local time, just before I had to catch a flight back to London. I had spent the previous few days in Syria and Lebanon wearing one of the excellent Obama t-shirts designed by our friends at Agent Actif in France with the slogan "Na'am Nustutiyya" (Arabic for "Yes We Can") and received so many enthusiastic comments from taxi-drivers, shopkeepers and staff at the United Nations office where I was squatting for a few days to work. (To be fair, there was also some cynicism - after 8 years of the Bush Adminstration, and many decades of US interference in the region under both parties - many people are waiting to see how Obama acts in office before they give him their approval).