A vote for Obama

We can't do it, but relying on American citizens to do the right thing, as below (from an absentee ballot cast by an American in Britain). After a worrying Palin bounce a few weeks ago, things are looking good now. The excellent FiveThirtyEight.com is currently predicting an 85% chance for a win. But we don't just want Senator Obama to win, but to win big - with a large share of the popular vote and a good number of the so-called "Red States". That will unite America around him and give him the momentum to take courageous steps for change, both addressing the domestic economy and in the international arena.


Sibadd said...

They used to say that a black man fighting a white man could only win in the ring with a knockout - otherwise the points could be fixed. But this is a great points victory for Barack Obama - returning intelligence and courage to that blighted presidency. What a gracious and honourable concession speech from John McCain! An old man's scepticism and doubt at the scale of problems no government nor governor can solve will soon return - but in the meantime I rejoice, eyes brimming, heart full. Dignum et iustum es. I phoned my brother George at a ridiculous hour of the morning as I needed someone with whom I could share my happiness, a childish joy in the dream of one good leader, when in the full light of day I will know again that no-one can or should ever donate their part in the impossible task of making democracy work.