Gather for Obama: election night and victory day!

All around the world, plans are being made by international Obama supporters - both Americans abroad and non-citizens - to gather to watch the results come in on Tuesday and then party through on Wednesday, when we trust we will all have something to celebrate! To find events in your country/city have a look through our sidebar links for relevant groups, search international groups on, facebook, democrats abroad (here's a list of their planned events/contacts in 80 countries) and meetup. Some highlights:

  • Paris, France - La nuit Obama
  • London, UK - ObamaWatch Election Results Party (+events in other UK cities)
  • Rome, Italy - all night pancake party on 4-5th Nov
  • Moneygall, Ireland - Hardy Drew & the Nancy Boys gig in the hometown of Obama's great-grandfather
Please post details about other events in the comments, and/or on our facebook page. I'll be in Beirut on election night, following it with Iraqi and Lebanese friends, and then flying back to London on victory day.