Avaaz advert raises international voices for change

Our friends at Avaaz, the global advocacy group, have created an excellent video in which people from many countries speak about what is good about America, and call on Americans to vote for a change from the disastrous Bush years. The write: "How Americans vote will influence whether we see a timed end to the war in Iraq, if we form an international consensus to tackle climate change, how we deal with the situation in Iran and North Korea, and whether we finally prioritize the fight to end global poverty. We've produced this global ad echoing the voices and concerns of the billions outside the US who can't vote... US Avaaz members have asked for this help. The ad doesn't tell people who to vote for, but its overriding message of tolerance, diplomacy, human rights and equality is unmistakable. If the ad hits the media airwaves, it will reach the nation's undecided voters just as they are starting to tune in -- and are determining which issues will underpin their vote."

Watch the ad, sign the petition and, if you can, contribute towards airing it:
The petition: "To the American Presidential candidates and people: We share the aspiration of the American people for a better, fairer world. We also see the disastrous effects of President Bush's foreign policies on climate change, human rights and international diplomacy. This election, we appeal to you for a fundamental change of course, to help the US and the world to come together and work for change."