Obama 4 to 1 favourite in all 22 countries polled by BBC

A dramatic new poll commissioned by the BBC demonstrates that Senator Obama remains the favourite candidate. GlobeScan polled 22,531 citizens in 22 countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, the UAE and the UK). The margin of those in favour of Obama ranged from 9% in India to 82% in Kenya. On average 49% preferred Obama compared to 12% in favour of McCain (the remainder did not take a view). This is an even higher proportion in favour of Obama over McCain than in an IPSOS poll of a similar size in May. Similarly, more than 2:1 through the US' relations with the world would improve more under Obama than McCain. Obama was even more popular with those with a university education (61%). Also 46% said that the election of an African-American president would "fundamentally change" their perception of the US, with an even stronger result in important allies such as Egypt (65%) and Mexico (60%). The countries most optimistic that an Obama presidency would improve ties were US Nato allies - Canada (69%), Italy (64%), France (62%), Germany (61%), and the UK (54%) - as well as Australia (62%), along with Kenya (87%) and Nigeria (71%). (full results - pdf)

The US public was polled separately and Americans also believed an Obama presidency would improve US ties with the world more than a McCain presidency. 46% of Americans expected relations to get better if Mr Obama were elected, compared to just 30% if Mr McCain won the White House.


Blog Queen said...

So much international attention. The world is truly watching and we are not exhibiting the characteristic of a country known as the leader of the free world. What happened to America

yohannbiimu said...

The "world" expressing their ignorance with regard to OUR presidential candidates is irrelivant. The more Obama is known to the public for who he is and what he really believes, the more they will abandon him.

Rory said...

Ya know, a good chunk of the world held a favorable view of Hitler before WW2 as well and lets not forgot Che Guevara's popular standing in the world when he was executing innocent farmers, teachers, doctors, writers in Cuba. Sorry, what the world thinks and who they want as "our" president means jacksh*t. Obama 08, what a joke!