Is Spain really for McCain?

Since we started tracking and networking people around the world paying particular interest in the US elections, the phenomenon of global excitement about Senator Obama has been contrast with the equally striking lack of interest in other candidates, particularly as far as internet presence goes. The only facebook groups, blogs, websites, songs etc. put together by non-Americans have focused on Obama. There were a smattering of Ron Paul pages before he dropped out of the nomination, and I think one or two small Hillary facebook group, but nothing compared to the hundreds and hundreds of independently initiated groups from dozens of countries backing Obama.

Now we have discovered a solitary blog backing Senator McCain in Spain. The website states that it was "founded on July 4 in Madrid, bringing together more than 500 Americans and Spaniards who support John McCain." (although it's not clear how big a role non-Americans have in the group). The original in Spanish is here, and here is a google translated version into English. We may not agree with their choice of candidate (and the Spanish certainly don't agree, in an IPSOS poll in May, only 8% said they favoured him, compared to 65% backing Obama and 28% Clinton), but we do welcome their participation in the international dialogue on the US elections, which have a potential to effect us all. We also rather like their "virtual" visit of McCain to Madrid, in which they took a cut-out of the Senator on a photo shoot around the city! If you know of any other non-American groups backing him, let us know.