If you can't vote... pray!

Gisèle in France has emailed us about her "Pray for Obama /Prions pour Obama" blog, which she's running in both French and English versions:

"The next President of the United States of America will make decisions that will affect the lives of billions of people worldwide. We citizens of the world cannot vote but we can support and pray for the man we believe will best serve not only the American people, but also the rest of the world.

Les décisions du prochain président des Etats-Unis d'Amérique auront un impact non seulement sur la vie des américains mais aussi sur le reste du monde. En tant que citoyens du monde nous ne pouvons pas voter à ces éléctions mais nous pouvons apporter notre soutien à l'homme que nous considérons plus à même de servir non seulement les intérêts du peuple américain mais qui pourra aussi dialoguer avec le reste du monde."
She also recommends that people who want to pray about the election connect with the Obama Prayer Team, and explains a little more about her personal motivation:
"The Obama campaign has inspired me and I have been struck by his character and reaction in the midst of the McCain campaign smears and attacks... I have been directed to pray a lot for Christians in America, that God open their eyes so that they can understand what the Gospel is about: Love one another, take care of one another. That we can agree to disagree and our will is not always God's. I also pray that God touch the hearts of those who would have voted for Obama if he were white."


Ken Schenck said...

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