Economist readers overwhelmingly endorse Obama in global vote

There are a host of websites which enable non-US citizens around the world to cast symbolic votes (see our left sidebar). Now, no less an authority than the Economist newspaper has weighted in by creating an online "Global Electoral College". The Economist explains: "As in America, each country has been allocated a minimum of three electoral-college votes with extra votes allocated in proportion to population size. With over 6.5 billion people enfranchised, the result is a much larger electoral college of 9,875 votes." Voting ends midnight on 1st November.

At the moment, with nearly 15,000 votes cast so far, Senator Obama has 81% of the global popular vote and is ahead in every country, giving him 7,991/9,875 potential electoral votes (the remaining 1,884 relate to countries where not more than 10 votes have been cast). These results, coming from the readers of such a high-brow weekly newspaper, which has been known to back Republican candidates (such as Ronald Regan), is a stunning outcome. The many polls and articles we have highlighted over the last year have made it clear that Senator Obama is favoured by ordinary people around the world. This remarkable Economist poll gives a strong indication that the global elite shares the same view.

(P.S. We should declare an interest here, as one of TWWO team - Justin - happens to work for the Economist, but it's a big company and he only learnt about this poll when he opened today's issue of the newspaper! See Wikipedia for more info on The Economist)


Apryl said...

Is this true?
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On the Second Amendment, Don't Believe Obama
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David said...

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