Brazil's Barack Obamas

Here's another amusing story with a serious point - emphasising the high regard in which Senator Obama is held in Brazil (which is likely to overtake Canada soon as the 2nd largest economy in the Americas). The Guardian reports on the upcoming October local elections in Brazil.

Due to a quirk of Brazilian law, candidates are allowed to run under the name of their choice. As a result, at least six Brazilian politicians have officially renamed themselves "Barack Obama" in a bid to get an edge over their rivals in October's municipal elections. One of the candidates, running to be mayor of Belford Roxo, a city just outside Rio de Janiro tells his story: "In truth it was an accident," says Belford Roxo's Obama, an IT consultant who is bidding to become the city's first black mayor. "I'd been on the television wearing a suit and people thought I looked a bit like him so they started calling me Barack Obama. They'd see me in the street and shout: 'Hey! Barack!" So I decided to register it." He admits he has also been looking to his namesake's speeches for inspiration... the Brazilian Obama says that as mayor he would "extend an invitation" to the real Obama to dine in Belford Roxo. "It would be great if he could come and see our reality," he beams. "Just imagine."


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