More coverage of Obama supporters in Gaza

Ibrahim from Gaza just messaged us with the news that his group of friends, who have been making calls to Americans on skype to explain why they support Senator Obama, have been filmed by Middle East Wire. This clip (.wmv format) gives a good impression of the basic conditions in Gaza and their dedication. People may have differing views about how effective their effort might be - with poor internet connections, limited English, and the negative image of Palestinians in the US media - but what is very clear is that Senator Obama has made an lasting impression on them, and their initiative is a good example of grassroots organisating. Although Senator Obama has spoken clearly in support of Israel, they trust that he will be an honest mediator, and help bring a just peace for both peoples. (there is an extended transcript of the clip here). The Media Line interviewed an Israeli-American about the efforts of Ibrahim and his friends:

Asked whether word of the Gaza effort would help or hinder Senator Obama's campaign, attorney Sheldon Schorer, who is counsel to Democrats Abroad, Israel... said, "The fact that Obama is accepted by people on both Israel's and the Palestinians' sides should be seen as a positive sign to vote for him. I think that's good."