Belgium for Barack

Thanks to Dominique Migisha for letting us know about the Belgian support committee of Barack Obama. He writes: "We are convinced that his vision, his program and his personality represent a revival for the United States... he could bring about a reconciliation of America with itself and especially with the world. The last two terms of George W. Bush have weakened the image of this great democracy in the eyes of most of the international public... However, Barack Obama wishes to engage his country in a multilateral relation with its partners and in particular with Europe... The Committee does not want to interfere into the American electoral process. Our civic initiative just wants to affirm our attachment of this great democracy that is the United States and the support which the committee brings to the Barack Obama is above all, moral." Supporters in Belgium include many leading politicians, such as Elio Di Rupo and Isabelle Durant, the heads of two of the main parties and both former prime ministers of the French-speaking region (Belgium is a federation between a French-speaking south and a Dutch-speaking north).


larree said...

As an American in Belgium, I'm delighted to see people from my host country actively supporting the Obama campaign.