Send message of solidarity to Obama with Avaaz, the global advocacy group, which gives expression to global public opinion on issues ranging from climate change to Darfur, is inviting us to send messages to Senator Obama. They write:

"The world can't vote in the US elections, nor will it help to preach to those who can. But Americans themselves say they want their next President to be someone who is respected around the world, so our voice counts this time -- and as Obama tours the world, our best chance to be heard may be now. We're running this global petition as a gesture of worldwide friendship and solidarity with Obama. We will deliver this petition to the Obama campaign, the US media, and the blogosphere to show that his message of change inspires global respect, and to emphasise those issues on which his boldness is most needed:

Senator Obama, we send you this gesture of respect and sign of hope from all around the world. Let's work together to stop climate change, protect human rights and prevent war, and help make the US a responsible and respected member of the global community again."


fauzi said...

Who's the one to gain in the end - McCain or Palin? The ways I see it, McCain hauled Palin into the fray to cash in on Hillary's women support base while using her to up his gains to which he has. While Palin on the trail run is promoting and painting herself to be a worthy Commander-in-Chief in waiting if McCain drops dead.It's so obvious!

Imagine the fate of us all if by fate, we get a "pit-bull with lipstick" as a President of the USA? Palin's not only inexperienced but how dare she compares her dysfunction family without morals to be the normal US family we get today? A unmarried pregnant daughter. A child brought into this world although knowing the child will suffer from disease. A son that will serve in a unpopular war. A husband with misdeamenor records. And she helself with instances of power abuse. Is this what America wants and votes for?

Shame on Palin. Is Palin inplying that the US family values have degraded to her level?

Palin has no foreign policy experience. She should stop jabbing ridicule at Obama, but instead speak up on real issues that affect the American middle class.

The ways I see it, Palin should be stopped from going to Washington at all cost for she is a dangerous person to be allowed into the White House. If she makes it by the hands of the American voters,she will bring on terror and chaos to the world for she will weild the most powerful seat on Earth. Is this what the
American people want?