Global voices, Amerian choices

"The world's mind is made up, will the US agree?" Alan Stoga continues, in FlyP Issue 9, "If the rest of the world could vote, then the election would be already be over, and Barack Obama would have won by a landslide... The overwhelmingly dominant view is that Obama will win, and that his victory will bring dramatic, positive change to US domestic and foreign policies... Anders Wijkman, a Swedish member of the European Parliament summarised what much of the world is saying 'I think Obama represents what the world needs right now. McCain would be very much more of the same, and we don't need much more of the same.'"

FlyP is a remarkable multimedia e-zine which has produced an excellent feature piece on world opinions about the election, including interviews from people from 16 countries who were attending the Tällberg Forum on globalisation. There is also an excellent graphic visualising the astounding outcome of the Pew Global Attitude survey back in April showing how much greater confidence people in almost every country have in Obama over McCain (not to mention Bush). Go have a look!


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