Worldwide reaction to Obama's victory

In the aftermath of Obama's historic victory journalists across the world have been reporting what we have been saying got many months The World Wants Obama!

From Germany to Africa, from France to the Caribbean it does seem that the world is supporting Senator Obama's bid to be the next US President. It is even a news story in the US, and another one here and another! Even "enemies" of the US like Fidel Castro have called Obama "the most progressive candidate to the U.S. presidency".

Check out reports on Obama from Gulf News, South Korea and Asia and Africa

And don't forget the results from the UK Telgraph's poll which revealed
"Obama is particularly popular in Italy, where 70% of respondents said they preferred him over McCain. The French were not far behind, with 65 percent saying they would back Obama. In Germany, 67% of respondents gave the Democratic candidate the nod, while only six percent backed McCain" Ynetnews)

I'm sure like us you have been reading many many stories about the end of the Democratic Primary, please do send us your favourites or, even better, write a blog entry! Send us an email and we'll get you up and running.


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