Donate: Help us to help Obama!

If you're a US citizen, please donate to the Obama campaign and join nearly 1.5 million others in the most broadly-funded political campaign in US history, one of the reasons Senator Obama does not need to pander to corporatons and lobbyists.

However, if you're not American (the Obama campaign can't accept foreign donations under the Federal Elections Law), or if you're an American who has already donated the maximum $2,300... then please consider supporting The World Wants Obama Coalition. So far we're been funded entirely by our members, but in order to have more of an impact we'd like to do two things:

  1. Conduct Facebook polls of more countries to demonstrate Obama's global appeal [the five countries we polled in February all showed strong support for Obama, these cost about $50 to poll 200 people].
  2. Expand the network by advertising on Google Adwords [so that if someone anywhere outside the US searches for "Obama" they should see a link to us, this costs from 2-5 cents per click].
Our target is $1,000 by May 1st.


Terpsichore, Confusia said...

Thank you so much for including the fact that only American citizens can donate directly to the Obama campaign. The Clinton campaign is currently being investigated because of a cundraising concert that Elton John performed for her. Obama's American supporters sure appreciate what the world is doing to help us, and we want very much to elect a President that will raise worldwide opinion of our country. It's been a VERY tough 8 years watching Bush ruin our reputation around the world. One of the reasons I am proud to be part of the Obama effort is because of the high opinion that the rest of the world has of him. There ARE Americans who care what you all have to say. Thanks again for your efforts!

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